B2B & Development  

Business to Business Oy has a 60 year experience with customer specific product development and production. Our core skills are in production and development of personal carrying and field tent products. We design, develop and produce according to the needs of our customers, in co-operation with our customers. Our factory that is located in Finland provides us with the capability of fast design and development process for our customers, also the ability to produce small and specialized production series with short due dates. Our efficient knowledge of the materials combined with Finnish craftsmanship guarantees our customers with a high quality long lasting product. In addition to our expertise in heavy duty textile production, we have a strong experience with light and durable aluminium frames development and production. We are able to provide our customers with the carrying solution and equipment needed by our Finnish workforce from the beginning to the delivery. Core expertise areas:

  • Professional vests (work vests, tst-vests etc.)
  • Large Tents, camp tents
  • Modular products (MOLLE etc.)
  • Custom made back-bags, rucksack and carrying solutions for client specific use
  • Protective covers and bags
  • Aluminium frames for carrying solutions


  • Finnish Defense Forces
  • Finnish Red Cross
  • Finnish Border Patrol
  • Patria Oy
  • Millog Oy
  • Estonian Defense Forces
  • Prysmian group
  • Finnish Police Force
  • CPE Production Oy

Contact regarding product development, production and subcontracting:


Director of Customer Relations
Jenni Valkeinen
gsm +358 40 588 8952