Facts about Finn-Savotta Oy

  • Finn-Savotta has been granted with the highest possible company’s reliability classification AAA-certificate.
  • Finn-Savotta has been granted with the national etrepreneurship award in 2010 for long-term, national and high-quality work. The award was granted by the board, that includes Finnish Entrepreneurship Union, Finnish Work Union, The Union of the Private Entrepreneurs and Fennia.
  • Entrepreneurs of the Central Finland granted Finn-Savotta in 2009 with the entrepreneurship award of the county.
  • Finn-Savotta has had ISO 9001-2000 H quality-certificate granted by the Finnish military forces since 1995.
  • Anita and Riita Halme have been granted with diamond crosses of Finnish entrepreneurs for successful and commendable entrepreneurship.
  • Finn-Savotta has equipped Finnish military forces since the 1960’s. Nowdays Finnish military forces are using for instance Savotta’s tents, combat vests and sleeping mats.
  • Also Finnish border guard is using Savotta’s rucksack model Rajapartio as their service rucksack.
  • Co-operation with the Finnish military forces has produced for intance a new combat vest model.
  • Finn-Savotta also maintains the tents used by the Finnish peacekeepers.
  • Tents of Finn-Savotta have been taken to several catastrophe- and crisis areas by Finnish Red Cross. Tents have worked as an emergency tents for instance in Turkey, Haiti, Libya and in Africa.
  • Also backpacks of Finn-Savotta have been sent to students of Jakutia in Siberia, Russia.
  • Savotta 906 -rucksack has been used on a hike around the bordres of Finland.
  • Scientist group working on the glaciers of Svalbard are using Savotta 906 -rucksack.
  • The world record of carrying a rucksack has been made with Savotta LJK -rucksack in 1990. Markku Mäkinen carried LJK -rucksack equipped with 105 kg weight for 12 km. Mäkinen spent 7 hours, 20 minutes and 33 seconds for the 12km walk.
  • Finn-Savotta has offered long-term working carriers for several employees. For instance Esko Mäkinen spent his whole working carrier working for Finn-Savotta. Mäkinen’s carrier for Finn-Savotta lasted over 50 years.