JSP Saunatent


JSP Saunatent

Technical info:

Base area: 13 m²
Highest point: 
230 cm
Eaves Height: 140 cm
Diameter: 400 cm
Material: mold protected and fire proofed cotton/polyester
Weight: tent ca. 18 kg, tent poles ca. 4,5 kg.

JSP-Saunatent is a spacious and handy tent for up to 13 or 15 people. Due to the high walls of 140cm the experience is comfortable. The smoke pipes increase the tents fire safety. The tents canvas is also fireproofed. The seems are taped to be waterproof. The special note about this tent are the windows, that can be seen on three sides.

Accessories available:
• Tent poles
• Pegs

Key Flag product

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.