Naiger SF100


Naiger SF100

An old Savotta classic, the Naiger tent, has been completely renewed. Savotta’s product development department asked the main user group of the Naiger tent, i.e. the Scouts, for suggestions for improving the old, reliable Naiger tent and received many responses. Scandinavian Outdoor, which is the official retailer of the Naiger tents in Finland, also participated in the development work. Savotta and Scandinavian Outdoor picked the best of the ideas and used them to create the new Naiger tent. To honour the centennial of Finland’s declaration of independence, the tent was named: Naiger SF100. The basic idea of the Naiger SF100 tent is the same as before: A spacious, good and simple accommodation that is easy to pitch at any campsite. Naiger comfortably and safely accommodates five adults or ten children from the rain and wind

The old and good:

We did not want to compromise any of the familiar and appreciated features of Naiger. Pitching is done according to the same instructions as before: the ends first and then the sides. It is still possible to link the Naiger tents to form a long “terraced house”. The new and old Naigers are compatible with each other. The tent poles, stakes and groundsheet of the old Naiger can also be used with the new Naiger. The same is true of the rain shelter, but it is not needed. Naiger can still be made ready for “lift-off”, i.e. the tent skirts can be lifted up for ventilation, which turns Naiger into a canopy floating on its end poles

The new and improved:

The greatest improvement regards the tent material that was changed from the traditional cotton fabric to the modern, light and durable polyester fabric. The fabric is water- and wind-proofed with PU coating. The roof seams have also been heat-sealed to withhold water making a separate rain shelter unnecessary. At both ends of the tent, the string closures of the door openings were replaced with sturdy zips. The weight of the tent fabric is less than half of what it used to be and the new Naiger also fits into a considerably smaller package. This makes the storage, transport and handling of Naiger easier than before.

Technical specifications:

Material: 210D Polyester, PU coating
Bottom area: 6.5 m²
Bottom dimensions: 220 x 295 cm
Highest point: 190 cm
Eave height: 70 cm
Tent fabric weight: 3.8 kg
Tent poles: Aluminium, two-piece
Tent poles weight: 0.94 kg
Accessories: groundsheet, additional stakes.

Warranty and guarantee

The product has a 2-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.