Party Saunatent


Party Saunatent

Technical info:

Base area: 21m²
Highest point:
345 cm
Eaves Height: 180 cm
Diameter: 500 cm
Material: mold protected and fire proofed cotton/polyester
Weight: tent ca. 33 kg, tent poles ca. 8 kg, stove 94 kg (wihtout stones)
Package includes stove: Harvia Legend 300

Savotta Party saunatent is designed for 20-30 persons. It fits well for example a program number, or a tourism enterprise use. The tents entry has a small vestibule. The roof seams are taped waterproof. The hole for the chimney is made of metal for fire safety. The tent comes with a handy transportation bag. The tent also comes with a stylish and high quality Harvia Legend 300 stove.

Accessories available:
• Tent poles
• Pegs
• Custom Benches

Key Flag product

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.