Made to endure since 1955

“Let’s make it better than others. Let’s make it to endure!” is what Allan Halme decided in 1955 when he and his wife Marjatta started manufacturing gloves and backpacks for loggers, founding what would become Finn-Savotta.

Over sixty years later, the third generation of Savotta entrepreneurs continue the work of our founders. Our core business today is design and production of high quality functional gear, with a focus on load bearing equipment and tents, for demanding professional and recreational use in extreme environments.

As a family owned business and more of a family than a mere business our most important value is openness. We share success and failure alike and are not afraid of learning from our mistakes. We oppose throw-away culture, we build our gear to last and do so with integrity!

Experience and professional skills accumulated and honed over the decades include heavy-duty technical sewing, laser cutting, metalworking, automation, material and structural expertise and a deep understanding of the end-users requirements.

Currently Finn-Savotta operates two facilities, the main offices and factory in Karstula, Finland and another factory in Tartu, Estonia and employs a total workforce of ca. 100 personnel. We operate in commercial retail, B2B and professional markets. Our customers include outdoors enthusiasts, humanitarian aid groups and military and law enforcement organizations both domestically and abroad.




Behind the product