Defence & B2B

Defence & B2B

We offer our services as a manufacturing partner to organizations and businesses, and we do so with decades of experience.

For over 60 years Finn-Savotta has designed and manufactured equipment for numerous customers, including military, law enforcement and emergency organizations. Perhaps most notably the Finnish Defence Forces for whom we have designed and produced everything from tents to personal load carrying equipment since the 1960’s.

Together with our customers we design, test and manufacture customized solutions for numerous applications. Our commercial product portfolio gives a good overview of our know-how, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We have the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands pieces of gear for government contracts over multiple years, and the flexibility to manufacture single prototypes or small production runs of tens or hundreds of pieces.


Our services and assets include

  • Design and prototyping in co-operation with the customer
  • Offices, design and production facility in Finland provide very short response times when needed
  • In-depth understanding of the end-users requirements
  • Expertise in materials and constructional solutions
  • Lifecycle services for our products, including repair and maintenance
  • Heavy duty industrial sewing, including manufacture of tents
  • Laser cutting of textiles and other materials
  • Metalworking including welding of lightweight aluminium for load carrying frames etc.
  • Automation for extreme precision and repeatability
  • Vacuum forming of plastics for large or small components
  • 3D printing for prototyping and smaller production runs


Noteable references

  • The Finnish Defence Forces
  • The Finnish Border Guard
  • The Finnish Police
  • The Finnish Emergency Services
  • The Finnish Red Cross
  • The Estonian Defence Forces
  • Patria Oy
  • Millog Oy
  • CPE Production Oy
  • Varusteleka Oy
  • Prysmian Group
  • And a number of classified partners


Contact our Executive Vice President for more information:

Jenni Valkeinen
Executive Vice President
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Reference cases

The Finnish Defence Forces

Finn-Savotta Oy has been in a long term co-operation with The Finnish Defence Forces since the 1960s.

The Finnish Red Cross

Co-operation with The Finnish Red Cross started at the 1970s.


We manufacture majority of Varusteleka’s Särmä TST pouches, backpacks and vests.