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Case: Varusteleka

Särmä TST – a product family for Varusteleka has been developed in co-operation with Savotta.


“During our military service me and a friend of mine once half-seriously joked that we should start making kit ourselves since the issued stuff made by Savotta is sometimes so utterly silly. Well, that sort of happened in the end: through Varusteleka and in co-operation with Savotta vision turned into reality. This is how we laid the foundation for Finland’s first (and at the time of writing only) commercial military brand – Särmä TST.

The purpose of Särmä TST was clear from the start: to compliment official Finnish Defence Forces kit and offer solid, dependable gear for Finnish soldiers. Some of the first gear we made were a pouch for a PKM 100 rnd belt box, a lightweight chest rig and an open top RK magazine pouch. All very rudimentary pieces yet not available as issued gear for the common soldier in the FDF. Today these three are still cornerstones in our selection.

Savotta’s experience and skill in the technical aspects of production have been vital in this work. Without a partner like Savotta we would never have gotten where we are today. It is of the utmost importance to us that our gear is compliant (or better than) with Finnish military specifications. With Savotta being one of the FDF’s major suppliers of load bearing gear this is easy: “do it like you would for the FDF” is all we need say, except for when we need to do something above and beyond Finnish MILSPEC.

Some fruits of our common labour are unfortunately (at the time of writing) not public information. Let’s just say that our co-operation has led to some very interesting projects.”

-Stefan Melander, Varusteleka Oy