Base fabric

A proper tent base fabric protects both the tent guests and their equipment from the humidity, and also improves the cold insulation. Onto the Savotta Base Fabric, you can safely place your backpack and belongings without fear that they would get wet or dirty. The light grey base fabric also increases the brightness and comfort of the tent.

  • Size: SA-10/JSP

The Savotta Base Fabric is made from a strong 600D Polyester fabric, which is waterproofed by rubberising the other side. There is a slit from one side to the middle of the base fabric, so it can be installed in the tent even if the centre pole of the tent has already been tightened. Besides, the slit allows to fold the base fabric off from under the hot fireplace, where a base fabric should never be used.

The Savotta base fabrics are cut into an octagon in accordance with the size, so the compatibility with the same-size Savotta Camp Tents is guaranteed.

Technical specifications:

Diameter: 4 m (SA-10 and JSP), 5 m (SA-20 and HQ)
Weight: 6,5 kg (SA-10 and JSP), 10 kg (SA-20 and HQ)
Material: Polyester 600D, rubberised
Color: light grey

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 1-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.

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