HAWU Centre pole

In most situations, a suitable tree serves as the Hawu tent’s centre pole. Thanks to their structure, Hawu tents do not require complex pole sets. However, for example in treeless terrain, a conventional metal centre pole can be convenient.

The Hawu centre pole can be adjusted by degrees from 70 cm to 184 cm. The adjustment is done with metal adjustment pins, which come attached to the pole with string, so they will not fall into the first shrub and get lost.

The pole has three segments and is telescopic. Retracted for transport, the compact pole is 70 cm long. The pole weighs 1,4 kg.

The Hawu centre pole is compatible with Hawu 4 and Hawu 8 tents. Naturally, it can also be used to pitch other Savotta centre-pole tents.

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