HAWU roll chimney 2000

The HAWU Roll Chimney is a part of the growing Hawu product family designed by the Hawu team. The chimney’s primary designer Tommi Vahtera joined the Hawu product development team in days of yore, and since then he has focused on designing new kinds of heaters. The HAWU Roll Chimney has been designed strictly according to the Hawu philosophy: Hawu products are developed and tested carefully and thoroughly by dedicated outdoorsmen. Today, every self-respecting hiker can be a part of the Hawu story.

The idea behind the Hawu RC-2000 Roll Chimney was to develop a pipe solution for new heaters that was as light and portable as possible. Together with Pasi Ylirisku, Tommi Vahtera accepted the challenge of creating a chimney that was lighter, smaller and superior to the existing solutions in terms of usability. The chimney material was chosen after a thorough study of the available options, leading to the discovery of a brand new chimney material and design.

We can now honestly say that the stove chimney has been reinvented. Instead of the conventional set-up of several pipe sections, the HAWU Roll Chimney is one-piece. The HAWU Roll Chimney is made of fireproof steel, giving it a long service life. The chimney material is embossed by cold-rolling, which doubles the chimney’s surface area and stiffens it. The greater surface area increases the heat-giving surface, making the chimney more effective for heating. The embossed patterns inside the chimney produce microvortices in the combustion gases, increasing the draught and reducing soot adhesion. The coupling rings (bands) are made of spring steel, sliding smoothly along the chimney surface as needed when the chimney is erected or packed up.

Rolled up for transport, the chimney is a 30-cm roll weighing just 1 kg, easy to carry inside the stove or in a backpack pocket. Spread out, the chimney is 2 m long and compatible with HAWU tents as well as the Savotta sauna tent, among others. Roll chimneys can also be linked together to form longer chimneys. A chimney consisting of a few roll chimneys is suited to even a large tent.

WARNING! SHARP EDGES! NOTE! Always wear gloves when handling the roll chimney!

Because the roll chimney is designed to be extremely light, the material is thin. Thin steel has VERY sharp edges. To help protect you from injury, a pair of gloves (size 10) is provided with each HAWU Roll Chimney, free of charge.

Technical specifications:

Material: Roll-formed fireproof steel (material thickness 0.13 mm)
Weight: 1 kg (with bands)
Roll length: 30 cm
Ø: 70-90 mm
Spread-out length: 2 m
The roll is bound with spring steel bands: 6 pcs, weight á 50 g

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 1-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Finland.

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