HAWU wood stove 400

This stove represents the next generation of tent stoves and our vision for how stoves should be. The HAWU wood stove is efficient, light, durable, long-lasting, stylish and modern.

The HAWU story:

The HAWU wood stove is a part of the growing Hawu product family designed by the Hawu team. The stove’s primary designer Tommi Vahtera joined the Hawu product development team in days of yore, and since then he has focused on designing new kinds of heaters. The HAWU wood stove has been designed strictly according to the Hawu philosophy: Hawu products are developed and tested carefully and thoroughly by dedicated outdoorsmen. Today, every self-respecting hiker can be a part of the Hawu story.

The spark for creating the Hawu WS-400 wood stove was the observation that none of the tent stoves available was very good at its intended purpose. Tommi Vahtera and his team accepted the challenge of creating a wood-burning stove that was lighter, more durable and efficient, cleaner and superior to the existing solutions in terms of usability. For a long time, the design work mostly focused on optimising the combustion process. The final appearance and materials were decided when operating requirements were considered.


The stove’s oval shape is easy to use, economical and energy-efficient. The stove has a large heat-emitting surface compared to its weight, which is less than one-third of the weight of a conventional Savotta tent stove. The oval shape also makes the structure stable. Thanks to its structure, the stove can withstand thermal expansion without twisting or denting, even when red-hot. The top and bottom of the stove are truncated to ensure sufficient clearance under the stove and to make it possible to heat food or make coffee on top of the stove. Unusually, the chimney pipe outlet is located in the middle of the stove, leaving room for two efficient heating plates on either side of the chimney.

Combustion technology:

The stove uses a highly refined combustion process. Primary air enters from the front and back of the stove directly under the fire grate. This enables rapid ignition and steady combustion. Pre-heated secondary air is introduced to the stove’s top section through a flame plate in the door. The secondary air raises the combustion gas temperature, producing cleaner combustion at higher temperatures. The location of the gas combustion under the hotplates also accelerates and enhances their performance.

Transport and operation:

Thanks to its folding legs, the stove packs into a small space and is compact to transport. The legs fold out for use, raising the hot stove safely off the ground. The laser-cut leg profile is strong yet light. The bottom cut patterns facilitate standing the stove on logs in case it needs to be used on snow in the winter.

The stove has a detachable fire grate that can be removed and shaken clean. An easy way to empty the stove is to turn it upside down and fold the legs together, forming a handle. Hold onto the handle and shake the stove for easy ash removal. Replace the fire grate before use.

Technical specifications:

Material: Fireproof stainless steel
Weight: 5.4 kg (including fire grate 0.7 kg)
Total length: 39 cm (package length 42 cm due to door handle)
Total height with legs folded out: 37 cm
Total height with legs folded in: 31 cm (package height)
Combustion chamber length: 36.5 cm, recommended firewood length max. 35 cm
Combustion chamber shape: Vertical oval cylinder with truncated ends
Combustion chamber width max.: 22 cm
Combustion chamber height: 25 cm
Combustion chamber opening: width 12 cm, height 17 cm
Chimney collar height: 4 cm
Chimney collar Ø: 8 cm
Total height with legs folded out: 37 cm
Total height with legs folded in: 32 cm
Stove bottom ground clearance: 8 cm
Leg gap in use: 33 cm

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 1-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Finland.

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