Hiisi foldable sauna benches

The Hiisi foldable sauna bench is designed for Savotta tent saunas. The structure is foldable, which makes the benches compact to carry. The benches are made of light spruce treated for the sauna environment. One bench can accommodate two bathers. The benches are made in Finland.

The benches consist of two parts: the foldable frame and the seat. Assembly is quick and easy. The frame part is folded open, which forms the basic structure of the benches, footrests included. The seat is then placed on top of the frame, making the structure more stable. The assembly is secured into place using handy velcro straps which finalise the adherence of the seat to the frame.

Hiisi benches are ideal for the Hikimaja sauna, the small sauna tent, the Hiisi sauna tent and the JSP sauna tent. One bench is sufficient for the Hikimaja sauna, but the small sauna tent and the Hiisi sauna tent can accommodate two benches each. The JSP sauna tent, on the other hand, is more spacious with room for six benches.

Technical specifications:

Material: Spruce, treated with a sauna surface protector
Colour: Light spruce
Bench dimensions (assembled): Width 99 cm, depth 69 cm, seat depth
40.5 cm, height 57 cm
Bench dimensions (folded): Width 99 cm, depth 69 cm, height 17 cm
Weight: 13 kg

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 1-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Finland.


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