Hiisi Sauna tent

A Hiisi Sauna is easy to set up and is meant for 4 to 6 people. Instead of traditional poles, this tent is set up using a foldable aluminium frame. The Hiisi Sauna is the best choice if you appreciate relaxation, nice atmosphere and enjoyment.

Construction and setup

In the construction of Hiisi Sauna, special attention is given to its setup simplicity and the pleasure got from the sauna. The frame is formed from a hinged pyramid-shaped ridge and foldable legs. The frame is covered with a fabric for the roof and wall fabric which is fastened with Velcro and the sauna is ready for steam already. The Hiisi stands on its own legs and does not need a middle pole at all, so the 2m x 2m sized sauna seems very spacious. The setup of the Hiisi Sauna takes very little time and effort even with only one person. Above the door, there is a triangular roof window made from special heatproof plastic. This lets light into the Hiisi and creates magical atmosphere.


Savotta Stove ensures gentle warm steam. Having a sauna in a tent is a real experience. Since the air circulation in a tent sauna is much better than in a normal sauna, the air inside remains fresh and rich in oxygen, and it does not heat up to become uncomfortably scalding. The heat is regulated by adding steam. It is possible to stay in a tent sauna for a long time.

Did you know

The wall fabric of the Hiisi Sauna is designed so that it is possible to keep it open, so it can be used as a convenient shelter, summer-house or hut.

Transport Bag

The Hiisi Sauna, with all the equipment* included, is packed in a handy and durable transport bag. When it is time to go to sauna, it is easy to take the Hiisi bag and carry it to a suitable place in nature. If not needed, the Hiisi stays nicely hidden in its easily storable bag.

Technical specifications:

Wall measures: 2m x 2m
Base area: 4m2
Eaves height: 168cm
Total height: 213cm

Transport bag:
Length of the package: about 2m
Girth of the package: about 35cm x 35cm
Weight without the wedges: 17kg (with the wedges about 20kg)

Walls: Polyester (PES)
Roof and stove background: Cotton polyester (COTTON/PES 50%), mould-resistant and fire-impregnated.
Frame: aluminium

Package contents:
1pc Transport bag
1pc Foldable frame (ridge + legs)
4pc Eaves pipes
1pc Roof fabric + door and window
1pc Wall fabric
1pc Wedge bag
6pc Wedges

Stove and benches are sold separately.

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 2-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This Finnish Key Flag product is partly manufactured on our factory in Estonia, however more than 50 % of its work is made in Finland.


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