Paljakka sledge

Savotta Paljakka sledge is an excellent equipment for demanding environment. It’s equally suitable for snowshoeing and for cross-country skiing. Paljakka sledge is easy to pull after due to its crisscross draw bar, that enable effortless gliding along the snow. The sledge is also equipped with a solid tarp that protects your equipment in the sledge. Along with the sledge comes a rubber strap, that helps a hiker to fasten the equipment firmly to the sledge.

Technical specifications:

Weight: ca. 7 kg
Size: 142 x 44 x 13 cm
Internal dimensions: 140 x 40 x 7 cm
Fabric: PUR polyester
Fabric color: blue
Frame: fiberglass painted white
Edge reinforcement: aluminium
Drawbars: aluminium
Runners: polyethylene

The Seat with Backrest 61 is an accessory available for the sledge to transport small children. It can be attached to the sides of the sledge with butterfly nuts. Your child can sit comfortably in the sledge and together you can enjoy the fun of the outdoors.
Fabric: PUR polyester
Fabric color: blue

The Sledge Belt 59 with adjustable length has quick-release locks for fastening the sledge shafts to the belt quickly and easily. The length of the belt can be adjusted according to the size of the person pulling the sledge.
Fabric: PUR polyester
Color of fabric: blue

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 5-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.