SA-10 Tent

Savotta SA -10 Tent is used by the Finnish army and is also known as Sissi tent – Commando tent. It’s relatively low and higly unnoticeable, but up to ten people can fit into it. The tent also has an exit for a chimney if you wish to have a stove (not included) inside. Along with the tent comes a handy storagebag, in which the tent is easy to pack and light to carry along.

Available accessories:
• Groundsheet made of durable fabric
• Tent poles
• Stakes
• Stove

Technical specifications:

Material: mould-protected and flame-retardant cotton polyester (COTTON/PES 50/50%).
Base area: 13 m²
Base diameter: 400 cm
Highest point: 190 cm
Height of the eaves: 100 cm

Warranty and guarantee:

The product has a 5-year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects.

Key Flag product:

This product is made in Karstula, Finland.

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