HAWU Centre pole

The Hawu centre pole can be adjusted by degrees from 70 cm to 184 cm.

HAWU wood stove 400

This stove represents the next generation of tent stoves and our vision for how stoves should be.

HAWU roll chimney 2000

Rolled up for transport, the chimney is a 30-cm roll weighing just 1 kg, easy to carry inside the stove or in a backpack pocket.

Tent stakes

Hiking stake set for firm assembly. The stakes will keep even the larger tents in Place.

Savotta Impregnant

Savotta Impregnant forms an invisible and effective protection against moisture and dirt.

Tent repair kit

The tent repair kit is suited to repairing both cotton and cotton blend tents.

Rain Protection Legwear

Savotta rain protection leg wear is a traditional leg wear, which works perfectly as an addition for instance while hiking or fishing.

Water bag

Savotta Water Bag is an extremely handy tool for instance to bring water from a lake to the Savotta Sauna tent.

Packing straps

There are five different lengths of Packing Straps and every package contains two Packing Straps.