Kevyt Rajapartio

The daypack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard and also known as the Kevyt Rajapartio is compact, simple and very versatile.

Backpack 202

Designed to be used with paratroopers’ LJK backpacks, the 202 has already become a classical concept.

Saddle Sack 339

The 339 is already much more than just a backpack: due to its size and carrying features, this saddle sack could be a small rucksack.

Saddle Sack 323

A classic retro backpack for a hunter; the design has remained unchanged since the 1950s.

Backpack 123

By current standards, the 123 which has been in production since the 1950s has an authentic retro vibe!

Chair Rucksack 360

Savotta Chair Rucksack 360 is a classical stool rucksack, which suits excellently for an  ice fisher, a hunter or a hiker.


A rifle backpack for a hunter which also meets the requirements for the transport of a firearm thanks to a new rain cover.

Backpack 101

Designed by designer Harri Koskinen, it is a traditional daily backpack.

Backpack 212

The paratroopers’ daypack 202 got a new cheery retro style appearance in the hands of designer Harri Koskinen.