SA-Combat vest

A modular plate carrier for carrying personal battle equipment.

SA-Drop leg platform

A rig for attaching pouches and equipment, fastened to a plate carrier or battle belt and strapped around the thigh.

SA-Gas mask pocket

A carrying pouch designed for a gas mask and equipped with a separate mask bag.

SA-Mpp pocket, Mini

Excellent for small items.

SA-Mpp pocket, Small

A high-quality extra pouch for backpacks.

SA-Mpp pocket, Big

A simple and spacious general-purpose pouch for various supplies.

SA-Water bottle pocket

A pouch for a one-litre military canteen.

SA-Shovel pocket

A sturdy carrying pouch designed for a tri-fold military shovel.

SA-GR pocket

An adjustable pouch for hand and smoke grenades of various sizes.