Backpack 202

An extremely simple and very durable small daypack, capacity ca. 17 l.

Light Border Patrol

Known in Finnish as the Kevyt Rajapartio, originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard. Capacity ca. 25 l.

Border Patrol

A classic from 1989, known in Finnish as the Rajapartio, originally designed for Finnish Border Guard. Capacity ca. 60 l.

Backpack 123

By current standards, the 123 which has been in production since the 1950s has an authentic retro vibe!

Backpack 323

A classic retro backpack with external steel frame, the design has remained almost unchanged since the 1950s.

Backpack 339

The cavernous, easily packed bag and the carrying comfort of an external steel frame make the 339 a fine choice for longer trips.